Our Mission

At Prototype Thinking Labs, we are obsessed with the moment when a real human touches a product or service, and there’s a spark. An instant of deliciousness, of magic, when something has shifted and it makes a real difference to their life.

When we work with clients who are building new products, we help them create that spark over and over using experimental conditions. Together, we have created hundreds of different magic moments in dozens of industries from consumer goods to financial services, from software to cosmetics, from healthcare to enterprise.

But the most magical instant for us, the spark that WE have the privilege to create, is the moment when our clients’ eyes light up and they say, “NOW I understand how to make this!

It happens when the reality of the solution and the user really clicks, when suddenly all of the flying pieces that have been in chaos and uncertainty find their true north and transform into a rush of clarity and momentum. Then the team knows exactly what to do.

They know the user will absolutely love what’s about to happen.


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J is the creator of the Prototype Thinking program.  She believes in reinventing product design & innovation to be as user-friendly to creators as we expect our creations to be for consumers.  Formerly a Stanford mathematician / engineer, game designer, and Design Thinking consultant, she brings more than a decade of experience with hundreds of clients.

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Olivia is inspired by Prototype Thinking in solving complex problems for people trying to make something deeply impactful and ambitious. She has worked alongside the UN, UNHCR, International Rescue Committee, and the US State Department in her previous career as a nonprofit grant maker and international aid worker.

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Wes has built finance and operational systems across several industries, including technology, banking, manufacturing, real estate development and agriculture. He has overseen remarkable innovation successes and failures both during his career, leading to a lifelong passion for making businesses work far more effectively.



Eun-Joung is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs and innovators skills and mindsets that accelerate their rate of learning. She has had a career in strategy, design and organizational change consulting for Fortune 500 companies at IBM, frog Design, Adaptive Path and Embarcadero Partners.




Jason is an award-winning experience and collaboration designer in teaching & learning, and a world-famous live game designer. He has worked with clients including Google and Kaiser-Permanente Health Care to address specific challenges through play. Jason believes the most effective tools for learning are empathy and delight.


Our Office

San Francisco, CA