Mission-First Innovation

How can your nonprofit be innovative while staying true to your mission? Our mission-first innovation approach will help you tackle the most complex, messy problems in a way that is authentic to you and those you are working to serve.

We can help you move at startup speeds, overcome resource scarcity, incentivize donors or volunteers, design across multiple stakeholder groups, and test programs for on-the-ground buy-in.

Plus, ask us about training and organizational mindset change projects that also reduce burnout for already-overwhelmed teams!


Problems We Solve

Resource Scarcity

Funding, time, connections and talent are limited. You need to choose where to allocate your resources for the biggest payoff.

Donor Retention

Finding new donors is harder than retaining current ones. You need to understand your donor as your user to learn what motivates them to donate. 

De-Risk New Programs

Launching new programs without proof is difficult. Learn how to eliminate upfront risk and quickly validate projects so you can launch and secure funding faster. 


Impact with Metrics

Learn to capture and user real-time data to drive your decisions and improve your programs' effectiveness.

Have early prototype outcomes to share in grant applications.

Culture of Innovation

Most non-profits fail within their first 1-3 years because they are unable to solve their biggest challenges. Learn to lead your teams and grow rapidly with a culture of innovation.