Pro Bono Social Impact

1-Day Sprint

Feb/mar 2018

We are offering 2 free spaces in a private 1-Day Prototype Thinking Sprint for a nonprofit, social impact, or nonbinary/women-of-color-led organization in San Francisco.

Prototype Thinking is a method for validating and de-risking new ideas and solutions at a fraction of the time and cost through direct, simulation-based interaction with live users.  See here to learn more about our methodology, here for specific nonprofit applications.


Participating teams will be working directly with our Managing Partner alongside only one other team.  During the 1-Day Sprint, teams will learn the Prototype Thinking methodology, use it to test and iterate a major challenge 3-4 times with real users, and leave with both idea validation and a process and tools they can continue to apply going forward.

The Sprint will run for one full day from 9am - 6pm in San Francisco.  Teams can be up to 4 people.  The exact date and location will be scheduled based on participant availability.


To qualify, teams must be working on a challenge whose main users can be brought on-site and in-person in San Francisco.  (Note that this doesn't mean that your primary impact targets have to be local: targeting local customers or donors qualifies.)

This program usually costs $5000+ for nonprofits or $8000+ for corporates, but we are able to offer it pro bono because we need to train and onboard new assistant staff.  Organizations that are not a registered 501c3 will be charged a $100 courtesy fee.


Interested?  Please let us know below and we'll get back to you asap!


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