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Use Cases

Prototype Thinking can be applied to almost every business model. Here are just a few examples.


Making your software truly work for the user requires more than just UX testing.

Which features should be incorporated? What narrative should be used to explain them? How should the user be spending their time? Prototyping can answer questions before committing time to wireframing or development. 


In every multi-sided marketplace, there's an easier side and a more difficult side to build.

We'll help you zero in on how to make a delicious and magical experience for the more difficult side of your marketplace - that beats out every other option on their radar. What do these people really need? What is the perfect transaction? We'll figure it out with a lot of prototypes and live simulations before you build your platform. 



How does your service fit within your customer's existing habits and life?

Is it a new or unique service you must teach the user to understand? We answer these questions by simulating the user's journey from experiencing a problem to using your service, deploying a combination of scripting, content prototyping and live roleplaying. 


Each product comes with two critical user experiences: using the product, and finding it in the first place.

Are your communications telling the right story? Do the users understand what you're offering them? We'll test the content of marketing communications through dozens (or 100s) of unique content iterations before sending them to A/B testing for refinement.  



Is your offering so much better than the status quo that you're just figuring out how to get it into people's hands?

Or is your product a more incremental improvement that needs a great story? Trying to decide which features to include and how to arrange them? We'll test with prototypes to learn how the product fits into their lives and how to tell its story.


How do you find the perfect balance between a product that really works for users, and a magical experience for the people who will be purchasing it? 

How can your product help your clients serve their customers? How do you even get the right people on the phone? We'll show you how to conduct user research in an enterprise setting and turn your pilot customers into advocates. 

The 8 Tools of

Prototype Thinking

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