Olivia Wong empowers corporate innovators & entrepreneurs to solve product/market fit problems 10-100x faster.

She has helped hundreds of companies build transformative products and accelerate speed to market using Prototype Thinking, a method for rapid learning and inexpensive iteration


Keynote: Prototype Thinking

Your biggest competitive advantage is your speed of learning.

The most important capability in innovation is the ability to learn:  Does your organization measure how effectively you learn?

Prototype Thinking is an approach originally developed at Google X for categorically increasing the speed and volume of learning by 10x or more. Using hundreds of rapid, low-cost prototype iterations and simulation-based experiments, Prototype Thinking teams ensure that they not only build a product right, but that they are building the right product.

In this captivating talk, Olivia shares the origin story of Prototype Thinking and lessons learned from GoogleX. Participants will learn the Prototype Thinking mindset and walk away with knowledge of the core principles and techniques.



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In this practical, hands-on workshop, participants will learn the method by applying it to a real idea or project, leaving with tangible immediate insights and a new toolkit going forward.


  • Building a 1-hour prototype

  • Using simulation-driven user testing for better qualitative results

  • What is Sidewalk Fit and how to find it

  • How to user test

Frequently rated best workshop of the conference!

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Learn how to run unbiased tests using world-class techniques from Prototype Thinking. In this introductory workshop, we'll show you the right and wrong ways to conduct a user test including how to interview.


  • User testing roles

  • Scene setting

  • 4 D’s

  • Dealing with difficult users

  • Recording data

  • How to test regularly and constantly

  • Unbiased interview questions

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In this introductory workshop, learn how to recruit hard to find users and build a consistent user pipeline.


  • Questions to include and avoid on a survey

  • Recruiting the right users & where to find them

  • User recruiting on a budget

  • Best practices for wrangling users

  • Building a user pipeline


I was fortunate to hear Olivia speak at Innov8rs LA Conference on prototyping and just loved it. So rarely do you get an in-depth look at how to do it, rather than just the outcome. She step-by-step approach gave very senior level innovators the chance to examine agile methods of prototyping, using the simplest items to gain massive insights and feedback. Olivia is a great presenter and really knows her stuff. Talk to her!
— Susan
This was the best talk/workshop at Startup Week. Really loved it! Thanks. Will be using your methods!
— Olivier
Surprisingly applicable. I’m skeptical of frameworks that encourage me to change my mindset, but I got sucked in to continual emphasis on learning, experimenting, and thinking concretely
— Ben