Prototype Thinking

for Startups


Think of it as a cross between Lean Startup and Google Sprints. But faster. 

If you're familiar with Design Sprints, we jump in where it leaves off. We have many tools and methods to use AFTER you've put your design in front of the user and all your assumptions fall apart. In fact, this scenario is the most rigorous part of our process. 

Maybe you're a Design Thinking expert. While design thinking is fabulous in it's own right, the process is optimized to workflows from a few decades ago. Prototype Thinking does Design Thinking, except drastically faster and in a versatile way that it can fit seamlessly into your team's existing processes.

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Problems We Solve

Product-Market Fit

Product validation doesn't have to be a long, drawn-out process. We'll show you how to quickly test the waters for any product in any market. 


Rapid Prototyping

Our prototyping intensives allow you to go beyond the ‘what they do’ and find the ‘why they do it’ in user behavior. This allows you to dig deeper and validate key parts of your product. 


How do you decide which features to focus on when there are hundreds of ideas and options? Let's answer this question by getting to the heart of what people want.

User testing techniques

You know you need to test with users, but just don't do it? We give you the tools to get over the fear of getting in front of users so you can figure out the best features, best fit in the market, and more. 


The way that people discover your product is an experience in and of itself. We'll help you build a discovery journey to bring your traction to the next level. 

Funding Hurdles

Are you testing different pitches and messaging strategies for your meetings with investors? Or are you just guessing what will resonate with them. Let's change that.

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